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Introductory Courses  

Electronic Courses

Boating 1: Basics (PCOC)   Restricted Maritime Radio with DSC
Boating 2: Beyond PCOC   Radiotelephonie maritime (VHF) (Fr)
Boating 3: Introduction to Navigation   Electronic Navigation
PCOC for Youth   Radar for Pleasure Craft
Advanced Education   Elective Courses & Seminars
On-line Seamanship -Virtual Classroom   Fundamentals of Weather
Boating 4: Near Shore Marine Navigation, Level 1    Global Weather
Boating 5: Near Shore Marine Navigation, Level 2   Extended Cruising
Boating 6: Off Shore Marine Navigation, Level 1    Sailing
Boating 7: Off Shore Marine Navigation, Level 2    Boat and Engine Maintenance
    Marine Electrical Maintenance
    Marine Systems Related Maintenance
CPS-ECP/USPS Seminars    
Power Boat Handling   Anchoring
Sail Trim and Rig Tuning   Knots Bends and Hitches
Paddle Smart   Trailering Your Boat
Marine Diesel Engine Maintenance   Boat Projects: getting started


Learn about our Web-based, Self-paced Boating 1: PCOC Program